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Latin American literature consists of the oral and written literature of Latin America in several languages, particularly in Spanish, Portuguese, and the indigenous languages of the Americas as well as literature of the United States written in the Spanish language.

Africa. Number of Africans, surge in Latin America trying to get to the U.S. Sunni Extremists entering U.S with help from alien smugglers in South America

The Latin American debt crisis (Spanish: Crisis de la deuda latinoamericana) was a financial crisis that originated in the early 1980s (and for some countries starting in the 1970s), often known as the “lost decade”, when Latin American countries reached a point where their foreign debt exceeded their earning power and they were not able to

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After leaking the financial records of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen (along with two unrelated Michael Cohens he wrongly accused “possibly fraudulent” payments), people began digging into Avenatti’s past – only to discover a train-wreck of shady business dealings, unpaid taxes, a state-bar complaint, and dozens of lawsuits

The Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) is a series of major live poker tournaments throughout Central and South America, sponsored by

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About ### SAVE THE DATE ### SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 . Festival Latinoamericano, Charlotte’s signature cultural event, returns for its 28th year to Symphony Park on Saturday Septmber 29 from 12 to 8PM; with an incredible lineup of musical artists and dance performances, a diverse authentic selection of Latin American …

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Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art.

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Center for Latin American and Latino Studies homepage

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Food Crisis in Venezuela. MSU Food Fix Podcast Featuring Geoff Ramsey, Washington Office on Latin America

SERVING AS A NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER. Designated a National Resource Center (NRC) for Latin America by the US Department of Education, the LAII promotes a greater understanding of Latin America and Iberia within and …

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